House Hunting in Today's World

Today’s home hunting process isn’t like it was 20 years ago. You used to scour the newspaper in search of a new home, but today you may spend weeks, even months looking online for the right house.

What’s tricky about buying a home is that it isn’t like buying an expensive new car, or piece of furniture. There’s more to buying a home than looking at the numbers and comparing. Buying a home is an investment that touches your heart and gets you deeply involved. Keeping this in mind, here are a few steps to remember during your home search.

Explore, discover, and dream

Looking at all the houses you want online allows one to dream; dreamers envision all they want in a house and what each room could be used for. From your living room you can see what all the market has available. You are allowed to see what parts of town have homes flying off the streets, and which areas have reasonable pricing, all without dealing with an agent.

Not having commitment to an agent can be a real stress reliever in the beginning. Think of it as going into a car dealership and just browsing without having a salesperson bother you.

Check it out in person

After hunting long enough you will find a house you are highly interested in. This will lead you to go to an open house and maybe even contact an agent for more information.

Physically walking into a home takes your search one giant step forward, but keep in mind you will probably see many more homes before you buy. A lot of buyers see multiple homes before they even consider offering. You don’t want to buy the first one you see and have buyer’s remorse down the road.

Find a good local agent

You won’t be disappointed when you find a good, professional agent. Buyers aren’t paying extra to work with buyers’ agents, and it’s rare they sign to enter into a contract with an agent. Good agents work for the public until it’s time to buy a house.

The good thing about agents is there are plenty of them. You don’t have to sign with the first one that comes your way.

If you get serious about your search without an agent, look online for agent reviews in your town or city, or ask friends for referrals. Having someone who knows the process inside and out will be the most helpful thing you can do during this rare transaction.

Follow your gut

Most people underestimate the emotional part of buying a house. The internet is fickle and can often mislead buyer’s hearts. You may not feel the same way about a house once you step inside.

Don’t suppress your feelings, let them flow, but keep them in check, as you may have buyer’s remorse if you buy the wrong house listening to the wrong feeling.

Dig in

If you don’t find the perfect home early, you’ll find yourself looking daily, and stopping at every open house during the weekends. This is when you want to have heavy communication with your agent about new listings and see as many as possible.

Also, the longer you are searching, the more you will learn about the market, leading you to focusing on your goal more and more.

Once the right home comes across your path, you will know it. The only thing you need now is the confidence to go through the process. All the time and effort you spent up to this point will be worth it. 

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