Housing for Military Families Less Affordable than for Civilians

In San Diego, military families who choose to move off base pay up to 65 percent of their salary on their mortgage, and up to 60 percent for rent. It always costs more to live off base, even after their, “Basic Allowance for Housing.” It isn’t uncommon for landlords to be other military families, who know how much the basic BAH is for various ranks.

These families don’t have the choice of settling down in one spot for a long period of time because they know they’ll only be there a couple years. Because of this they do not get to redecorate, or make any major improvements. It just isn’t a smart move financially.

Nationally, service members generally pay up to 32 percent of their income on their housing, which is double what civilians’ pay. This is for all military members combined, and who do not live on base.

Renting is even more expensive for them. Up to 42 percent is paid in rent, compared with the 30 percent for civilians.

US Average – 15.3%

Air Force – 30.4%

Army – 29%

Navy – 34.6%

Coast Guard – 33%

Marines – 36%

 Of course this all depends on where they’re based. While soldiers in San Diego expect to pay 65.5 percent, soldiers in Fort Hood, Texas pay just 15.1 percent on a mortgage and 29.1 percent for rent. This stands more in line with the national for civilians.  

 Think about these statistics during the week and remember what all these homeland heroes give up for you. Not only on the battlefield do they sacrifice, but their personal lives do as well. Thank a hero in uniform next time you see one.

 God Bless America!

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