How Bad Advice Can Ruin Your Home Search

Going through life is not an easy task, and along the way you will receive plenty of advice. You will likely receive advice when you’re having a kid, buying a home, even on which furniture to buy. Much of the time it is unwanted, but that doesn’t change the fact you will still be on the receiving end of it.

No matter what the advice is, when it comes to house hunting advice, it could be the totally wrong bits of info. The trick is to determine which advice is worth listening to, and what is not. Once you know, it’s easier to combine the two to make sense of it all. Here is how you determine which advice to listen to.

Consider the source

Look where the advice is coming from. Is it coming from your professional agent or your brother-in-law across town? The answer is quite clear on whom to listen to.

The perk of the agent is they know the market. They know which neighborhoods are hot, what the average prices are in certain neighborhoods, etc. They have the knowledge because it’s their profession. Eddie from the local diner just knows you have to sink some money in your house to get a little more out of the sale. Do yourself a favor and listen primarily to your hired agent.

Apply it, or don’t

If good advice is used in the wrong context, it could quickly turn into bad advice. The moment you decide the advice you received has ground to stand on, it’s your duty to figure out how that applies to you.

Having an agent is one thing, but to have the right agent is another. It’s important to hire an agent who represents the demographic you are in. if you hire an agent who is use to selling multi-million dollar homes; you have the wrong agent- unless you are buying a multi-million dollar home. The agent must understand your needs to sell you the right house. Communicating that you need a yard because you have a dog and three kids, or need a small starter home is essential because they could easily give you the wrong advice if they don’t understand what kind of home you’re after.

Fake it, but don’t take it

If the advice you are getting isn’t tailored to your needs, you should probably skip it. You are only obligated to follow your own directions, not somebody else’s. Your home is your investment that you will be spending majority of your time in. Don’t buy the wrong home because of someone else’s advice.  

Be ready to guess again

You almost bought the little home in an HOA community just as your parents suggested, but with one look at the monthly fee sent you running for the hills. If you were leaning one way and were quickly swayed during the hunt, don’t be afraid to change direction. It is absolutely acceptable to change your mind and divert your course when the plan you have isn’t working. 

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