How Landlords are Fighting Back Against Terrible Tenants

There are plenty of stories about crappy landlords who don’t hold up their end of the deal, and just as many horror stories about disastrous tenants. Social media happens to be the medium each side uses to gripe and complaining about the others behavior. More often than one would believe it is the renter who is causing the trouble.

There’s a new Facebook page called “Disgusting Renters” which gives property owners a place to vent their frustrations about their gross tenants. Some of the time their properties look like a garbage truck blew up inside and others a bomb went off and left only the structure intact.

There are pictures and videos of all the evidence left behind. Some of it isn’t for the squeamish as it can be quite gross.

The page was created in April and already has more than 2,500 likes and plenty of video posts. Some of the highlights are below, and beware, it’s meant to gross you out.

  • “A photo of a kitchen with a recliner in the middle of it, amid a several-foot-high selection of snack bags, empty soda cans, and even less palatable trash”.
  • “A picture, simply titled, “Wow,” showing a former yard taken over by any number of coolers, construction pails, and what appears to be a partly functioning aquarium”.
  • “A bare mattress atop a soiled wooden floor with this description: Bird feces all over the floor. The smell is horrendous.”
  • “ An artfully shot photography of hundreds of roaches swarming over a bathroom wall and toilet”

The page’s creator, a landlord in Florida, had first-hand experience when the mobile home they rented out was trashed by a family with kids. They left the home infested with fleas, trash everywhere, and even feces. It was eventually gutted and sold for a $25,000 loss. It left such a sour taste in their mouth, they are finished with renting.

He urges other landlords to take precautions and never let something like this happen to them. Yes this is easier said than done, especially for typical people who rent out a spare room, or an investment home. Potential tenants should be screened quite carefully before they move in. Landlords need to also check their properties at least twice a year to make sure everything is as it should be.

Inspecting the condition of the property before it’s too late could save a landlord literally thousands of dollars. If problems arise, and go untended for too long, there will be major costs on hand, not to mention the hassle. After fixing whatever mess has been made, the eviction process is a lengthy one and could take a while to get them out.

The worst-case scenario is when landlords have to offer the tenants cash to get out, and offer even more to not do any damage on the way out like flush concrete down the toilet. This may seem like rewarding bad behavior, but it’s more about just putting an end to the chaos and moving on. 

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