How Long it Takes to Close

After you’ve found the house you want, inspected it thoroughly, made an offer and been accepted, it’s time to close. How long exactly is this process? Here’s what the closing timeline will look like.

Average time frame to close

The average today is about 50 days to close. Yes that seems like forever, but there’s a reason it doesn’t happen quickly. To begin with, buyers that require mortgages must complete the loan process and property appraisal, and banks aren’t known to do their business quickly.

While the banks are doing their job in the background, home buyers must use that time to review the property title and do a complete inspection. This time also allows for both the buyer and seller to plan their move.

How to slow down a closing

Despite a home being under contract the occasional hitch can make closing time come to a drastic stop, and here’s how:

Funds: The most common reason closings get delayed is due to money. Poor finances. In order to keep things going at a good pace it’s best to get a mortgage preapproval letter. Often time’s sellers require them. Even in order to get this, it can take the lender an entire month to do their due diligence. Cash buyers don’t really have this problem.  

Appraisal differences

Banks must appraise the home in order for them to approve someone for a mortgage. If the appraisal doesn’t satisfy either party, a renegotiation may take place and that can take time.

No insurance

Waiting until the last minute to get home insurance can really slow down a closing. Most of the time it is required before you move.


Sellers usually need to buy a home before they move out, and or buyers need to sell their existing home is good way to keep pushing the closing date back.

How to speed up the closing

If you are wanting to closing within a reasonable amount of time, here’s what to do:

Fix the title issue

Get rid of any liens that may be on the house. Give the title company what they need to avoid any red flags. Having an unsatisfied lien will isn’t the worst problem; you can inform the title company that you want it paid out of closing proceeds will keep it moving along.

Fix the repairs

Inspectors rarely miss much, so if you want them to only come once and provide a passing grade, you best make sure there aren’t any faults with your home. Sellers should make the repairs before closing, and if they don’t they must disclose it, which will reduce the price. Best to already have these taken care of so the home passes with flying colors.


Anyone with questions needs to immediately get them addressed. They need to be talking to their real estate agent, or attorney. If there was a form that was mishandled, starting that over will drastically slow down the close; so if you have questions ask right away! The most important thing here is to understand what you’re reading before you sign your name. 

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