How the Right Agent Will Save You Money In The Long Run

If you think every real estate agent is the same, you are sadly mistaken. There are good ones, mediocre ones, and bad ones. Like any tradesperson they come and go as the industry shifts. Only the truly good agents will stick around, because they have honed their craft to become experts. They know what each neighborhood offers and what it could use, and they know how to assist you in making the best decisions. Their connections in the city come in handy in a ton of ways, and most of the time it is to save you money.

Chances are you home is the biggest financial asset you have, and working with the right, or wrong, agent can affect your bank accounts in the long haul. Here are a few ways the right agent can benefit you for the long run.

Find the best home for your finances

Tackling the real estate monster requires having a sidekick, and that is always your agent. They help you through the process as your therapist and financial advisor, and sometimes lawyer. They are your partner when you are ready to buy or sell, guiding you on the best option available to you.

They will be working for you with your best interest in mind, not their commission check at the front of their brain. Finding the home that you can most reasonably afford is their objective, not finding the dream home you hope to live in in ten years.

Closing on a home means you have to pay that first month’s mortgage with the money you currently have, not the salary you hope to be making in the next decade. They shed light on what is realistic for you, and what’s simply fantasy. The last thing your agent wants to see is you becoming “house poor”, which is a state in which will cause you headaches for years.

Save some cash when you buy or sell your home

When using the best agent available to you, chances are you will save a little money on the purchase price. Mediocre agents may cost you an arm and a leg because they won’t be as gifted at negotiating. Over the life of a mortgage, that difference in principal can add up!

Selling your home with a professional agent and even more knowledgeable on your neighborhood can get your that extra dollar usually. That extra money, if invested properly can get you quite a return over 10,20, or even 30 years, becoming your child’s college fund, or your retirement account, or the full payment for a beach home you’ve wanted since you were fifteen.

Do yourself a favor and go get the best agent you can. You will thank yourself down the road when you have that extra money in your bank. Treat them kindly, and they can do you immense favors down the road.

Using their connections

A great real estate agent is connected throughout the city. They know everyone, and everyone knows them. Being an agent is all about relationships, so they strive to build and maintain new ones; and your relationship will mean a lot to them.

In the near future, you will save some money by being your agent’s client. Agents pass referrals, which means you will be cut a deal by contractors. Agent’s referrals mean a lot to service people like lawyers, contractors, inspectors, accountants, etc. because they know a good source of their income is stemmed through real estate agents. It’s a relationship where everybody wins!

Even in your professional life your real estate agent can help you. Often times they’re there for you if you are looking for work, a mentor, consultant, etc. by pointing you in the right direction. Those connections can hold some serious benefits down the road.

Always aim to work the best real estate agent in town because they will help you financially, and by giving you peace of mind. 

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