How To Appeal To Baby Boomers When Renovating

As a big chunk of the American population grows older, the baby boomers are becoming the eldest. They make up roughly 76 million people in the country, and they are at least 50 years-old, or older. Yep, that means they are either about to retire, or are already retired, which also means they are empty nesters (hopefully).

As people grow older they typically tend to downsize because the large house they once raised their kids in, becomes too big and too much work to maintain. One story homes become ideal, as well as less square footage.

Flipping a house that appeals to a baby boomer takes an understanding of what they want. It begins with understanding they want smaller homes with special features like an easy-access shower, or higher seating toilets, etc. When flipping a home to appeal to baby boomers, keep these ideas in mind.

Luxury features

Baby boomers often trade their square footage in for luxury living. Because they have probably found their forever home, they’ll want to make it nice. They don’t mind spending the money on the best of things now.

To appeal to this generation begin with installing real wood or tile floors. Granite or marble countertops will be a huge eye-catch, and you can never go wrong with stainless steel appliances.

More convenience

Baby boomers have paid their dues regarding their home repairs. They’ve put in the hours on fixing plumbing, electrical, etc. issues. They are in search of new; new that doesn’t need a ton of maintenance and isn’t a ball of stress.  

Everyone, not just baby boomers loves a low-maintenance yard, appliances that don’t break, energy efficient windows and doors to keep the electric bills down, and open spaces for the flow of traffic and more natural light. The biggest thing for baby boomers is the single story home. This eliminates stairs which can be a hazard for some. They prefer eliminating that risk all together.

Home office

A lot of baby boomers are transitioning from full time work to retirement, and maybe a little part time work on the side. Some enjoy the extra income so they choose to keep working, or it’s the preference of staying busy and active. Building them a home office will make work much easier for them, this way they can roll out of bed and walk twenty feet to their office.

This office doesn’t need to be fancy or anything; it just needs to be a simple room designed as an office or den. Don’t spend a ton of money renovating this room, just keep it simple and let the buyers put their touch on their office.

Easy yards

This is a convenience aspect, and baby boomers want a yard that they won’t have to labor in. Some do, because they have a green thumb and enjoy it, but for the most part they want something simple. In order to build yards for baby boomers take up some space by adding a patio. For the landscaping, try using rocks instead of mulch, as it doesn’t need to be replaced every year.

Extra space

Extra space is the true luxury for baby boomers. Flexible space is best; space that is adjustable to fit their lifestyle. These are rooms that can be dens when their friends come over, and quickly turned into playrooms with the grandkids come to town. It’s easier for them to transform a room in minutes than try to make a bedroom become a playroom.

It’s up to them to choose how they use their space, so give them the option of making rooms interchangeable.

Baby boomers want unique features about their homes, and it can be tricky if you don’t really know what they’re after. But keep these tips in mind during your next flip and you will surely attract them to the door.

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