How to Appeal to Buyers in Today's Market

Today the home buyer’s trend is to be on the hunt in early spring and in hopes to find a home during summer and be moved in by fall for the school year. Because of this, a good portion of home buyers will not list their homes during the winter holiday seasons.  They also want to have the warm weather showcase their home in its best light.

This trend was predominately for families, but today’s buyers are mostly millennials and empty nesters.  They don’t typically care about school schedules, willing to search and buy in the winter months.

So if you have a home to sell, fall is an excellent time to list it. There will be less competition, and could even put the cards in your favor.  Here is how you will appeal to the two types of home buyers during the fall.

Advertising your home to millennials

Millennials are never “turned off”. With how connected they are to the world, they are always on the hunt. They can spend every day of the week looking for a perfect listing. Keeping your home in perfect shape is essential to appeal to them in fall.

Because they tend to be a bit “entitled”, millennials won’t wait for an open house and will be preferred to have a private showing during their time.

TO help yourself you will need great photos online the minute it goes to market. Nothing is more heart breaking to them than finding a great house that doesn’t have any pictures. Millennials are a visual group, so make sure you don’t skimp on the photos and hire a great agent. Good photos can get your buyer in the door. Give them what they want.

Marketing to empty nesters

Empty nesters are a bit older than millennials usually, who take their time on buying a house. There’s no need to rush them. Typically they are looking to downsize, which often means they are trying to sell their house before they buy a new one. They could also be taking out a loan against their home to purchase your house, which could be really stressful, so no need to rush them.

One thing about them is they may not be as connected as millennials, so they don’t respond via text or email as responsively. Give them time, they are in no rush. They might even walk away if you bug them too much and appear to rush the process.

Never forgot that empty nesters have been around the block a few times. They grow cautious of big financial transactions inspecting every detail.

The best salesperson always knows their buyers well. Since you are the seller, prepare to a person who is completely different from you. Go in wanting to give them what they want. Once they are on board, try to learn as much as you can about them to give you a better understanding.


Good luck in your home sale, and feel free to comment on any experience you might have.  

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