How to Best Work With An Agent

If you’re looking to be an active participant in the real estate market today, chances are you will be dealing with a realtor. What are their hours though and will they be flexible enough to work with yours?
We all have cray schedules between work, kids, family and friends plans, gym, etc. so when are a real estate agent’s hours available for you!

An agent’s hours depend on the individual. It depends on how committed they are to their clients. Will they open their schedule at a moment’s notice to show you a new house. They may work on certain days and not on others, or they may be available 24/7. It’s best to check with them to see their normal hours to best align your schedules. 

THere’s a thing called an 80-20 rule, and it indicates that 20% of the agents in the market and handling 80% of the sales. But what about the rest of the field? These agents mostly work part time around their home-life. This means they are taking kids to practice rather than showing you a house. Regardless, it’s always worth the ask to see which agent you get. 

If an agent is truly motivated they will always have open schedules for their clients. They should be working around their client’s schedule instead of their own. IT’s the mindset, of whatever it takes to get the sale.

Before you choose the agent you are going to be working with, it would be wise to communicate with them if you have a crazy-busy schedule. Let them know your day-to-day activities and when you can give your time. This will keep expectations at a certain level while avoiding any frustration. 

Sometimes emergencies comes up and can’t be predicted. In this case, the best thing you can do is give as much advance notice as possible. At times, an agent won’t always be available, but if they have a little lead time, the better your chances are. 

It’s also important to keep others’ schedule in mind when looking at houses. Most homes are occupied while the sit on the market, so you’ll need to pick a time that works for everyone; and in reality your realtor should be coordinating that. 

Throughout the process it’s important to remember that you must be flexible too. Give your time when you can and others will be sure to do the same.

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