How to Bring Green Life Back to Your Plants

Are the plants around your house starting to fade and look a bit old? When’s the last time you dusted it? There are a few things you can do to bring your plants back from the dead, so don’t give up just yet. Your plant is probably fighting for its life, so give it a second chance.

Inspect and clean

Take a quick glance over the plant to make sure there’s nothing eating away at it. Look for little bugs crawling on leaves and the stem. If all is well, wipe the leaves off with a damp cloth. The more sensitive plants should just get a quick shower.

If you have pests try mixing soap into water and give each leaf a good scrub. Googling it too should provide multiple solutions. If the plant is clearly stunted in growth, it’s too late, and it must be tossed.

Trim and re-pot

Even if your plant is in good shape, it doesn’t hurt to trim them and re-pot. Take away all the dead leaves and unhealthy looking branches. Don’t cut too many of the leaves off since that’s their energy source; you should always leave at least 2/3rds of the leaves intact.

Once you take it out of the pot, look for mushy and unhealthy roots; carefully trim those off. If they are tightly wound at the bottom edges, cut the in two a few times. Repot them with fresh potting soil, and leave room for the roots to grow. Be sure to use a pot with draining holes too.

Place in good light

You will want bright and indirect light as your source. Cacti and succulent plants require intense and direct light. Indirect light is a place in your house where it’s naturally light, and you don’t need to flip on a light to read. You can also do the shadow test: hold your hand a foot away, and if you see a blurry shadow, that is indirect light; direct light would be a crisp shadow.


Fertilizing your plants will keep them healthy; just don’t go overboard with it. Follow the label and you won’t have many problems.


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