How to Deal With a Roommate Who Hogs All the Internet

There is little that is as annoying as not having enough internet when you need it. Whether you are trying to stream your favorite show, make a post to Facebook, or send an email, the amount of bandwidth needed is crucial. In today’s society, each household has several users clogging the Wi-Fi. Sharing can be a pain, but there is a way to deal with your roommates who tend to hog it all.

How much is enough?

For beginners, playing online video games, being on your phone, and perhaps your TV is using Wi-Fi. Find out how much bandwidth you will need to run all the appliances you need at the same time. Anything less than that amount will slow everything down.  Having the right amount of bandwidth will allow everyone’s online activities to run smoothly.

The average household in America has three users online at all times. They could be streaming videos, checking their smart phone, and listening to music, a 30 Mbps will suffice. If someone gets a gaming system, you will likely need more.

Occasionally there will a situation where no matter how much bandwidth you have, it is still running slow. It could be your roommate; then again it could be the service. But before you start interrogating your roommate, do your best to find out if they are the culprit.

How do you know if there’s a hog in the house?

To keep things civil, just voice your concern about your internet being slow lately. See if they have an answer. Halt on the blitzkrieg interrogation for now until you’ve got some solid evidence. Take a look inside your laptop of PC to determine where most of your internet is going.

Check the bandwidth to check the internet speeds, and how much bandwidth is being used. Sometimes you can track exactly where it is all going, depending on how you are checking the status.  Other times you can just see how much you’re using against how much you normally use.

 A good app that helps you monitor your entire internet is ‘Networx’. Networx allows you to track your home systems usage, and direction. Being able to pinpoint how far the internet is stretching, and to which rooms, will tell you all you need to know.  It can also let you know when is down, or seeing unusual patterns. It can even shut down all your systems and reboot them if commanded.

How to make sure there’s enough to go around.

If your roommate does turn out to be the culprit, your best bet is to have a heart to heart with them and determine what a fair solution is. If you split the bill evenly, but someone’s using a bit more than their share, it impedes on your ability to use it equally.

Hopefully you can talk it out and set up a schedule, or someone pays more financially. If all else fails and drastic measures need to be taken, there are plenty of options. Blocking software that uses a ton of bandwidth, or limiting the amount it can take in, is one option.  Changing passwords and cutting them out completely is another option, a bit drastic, but still an option.

Hopefully you are both civil enough human beings to work this out, but then again some roommate problems are never easy. Take your internet back if you have to, but don’t let anyone hog it all.

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