How to Detox Your Bedroom in 10 Steps

We spend an entire third of our lives asleep, most of it being it in our own bedrooms. Some people think their bedroom is their safe space where nothing can touch them, but in fact there’s plenty of stuff in there to harm you. Things like chemicals, pollutants, and even radiation from electrical devices.

Lucky for you there’s no one you can call, because clearing it out by yourself is simple. Learn how to detox your room if you are a renter, or the owner. Doing this will surely improve your well-being, health, and quality of sleep.

Diss the devices

TV’s, phones, laptops, and tablets are all distracting you from sleep. Believe it or not, these devices emit enough light to trick your brain into thinking it’s supposed to wake up. They also emit a low level of radiation. The best way to fight this is to vanquish your room of all electronics. I understand if the TV needs to stay, but you should at least unplug it and throw a towel over it.

New mattress

Inspect your mattress to see what it’s made of. Some are made of polyurethane foam, which emits VOC’s; also known as volatile organic compounds. These are the biggest source of indoor air pollution. Oddly enough these VOC’s have been linked to respiratory problems, skin irritation, and cancer.

There’s also formaldehyde, which is a sticky substance used in mattresses. This lovely stuff has been linked to allergies, lungs, asthma, nose, and throat cancers. You will want to switch to an organic cotton, or low-chemical VOC mattress. You will want to upgrade immediately if your mattress is before 2004. Another fun fact, PBDE is a chemical prominent in flame retardants. These have just as many health concerns as the VOC’s.

Go low or no VOC

VOC’s also can be in wall paint. In paints that do have them, you will notice the “fresh paint” smell lasting for weeks. Ask the hardware store for low- or no-VOC paint.

New bedframe

Same deal here; look for bedframes that are not made with chemical adhesives, and flame retardant compounds. Look for recycled steel, FSC certified wood or water-based adhesives

Get into your feng shui

Feng Shui experts the positioning of everything in your room determines what kind of sleep you receive. You will want to position your bed so your head isn’t resting towards the door, and do not put your bed on the wall that is adjacent to the bathroom or kitchen. Have no idea why, they just recommend not doing it.

Clean your nightstand

If you have too much clutter anywhere it can hinder your sleep, not even mentioning your nightstand. Your room will just feel more relaxing when it’s clean, so begin your cleaning spree with whatever is in your direct line of sight when you lie down. Pack up loose papers, magazines, trinkets, and turn your alarm clock away from the bed.

Switch to natural detergent

Going to bed in the freshest sheets is one of life’s best kept secrets, but despite spending a third of our lives in bed, too strong of odors can irritate allergies. Switch your detergent to natural essential oils, phosphate and dye free detergents. Wash your pillows regularly, and change the cases every few days.

Add a few plants

Plants brighten any room, absorb any pollutants floating around, and improve the air quality, meaning you are getting a better night sleep. There are a ton of low-maintenance plants for beginners. Look into aloe vera plants, spider plants, and Japanese royal ferns.

Open the shades

Open your curtains and let the light shine on in. The heat from the sun will warm the room up a bit, eliminating whatever moisture is hiding, and reduce the risk of molds and mildews growing. During the warmer months, open the windows to get a good draft flowing.

No shoes

Walking outside will automatically coat your shoes with dirt, chemicals, pesticides, and germs. Taking those shoes into your bedroom will make it just like outside. If you don’t enforce this in your house, that’s fine, but at least do it for the bedroom.


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