How to Downsize Your Life Properly

Moving is one of the most stressful events that can happen in your life, especially if moving down in size is what you’re doing. This means you will have to be letting go of a number of your belongings just so the rest of your stuff can fit in your new place. Look at it from the viewpoint of less is more. With fewer belongings, the less stuff you will have to look after.

How does one handle moving down in size and not become an emotional basket case? I’ll explain here.

Make a complete inventory of your stuff

Knowing everything you own will help you pare down your possessions. Take not of every object you own while going through a stroll of your home. Do this whichever way you please, tablet, pen and paper, or from your computer. While you do this, write down its current condition, and the value of it.

This inventory list will assist you in identifying any duplicates you may have, but it will also help you decide what needs to be packed first. It will also help you get an accurate estimate of your moving costs.

Sketch a floor plan of your new home

Planning what space is available will help you make the best of the space available, as well as cutting down time spent on relocating the items you won’t be able to use.

Measure each room out as well as the doorways. Measure the larger items like couches, beds, etc. and find the best way to move them in. Even though you find a way to get this giant piece of furniture in, you may not be able to locate a decent spot for it.

Consider all relevant circumstances

Some items, no matter how much you love them, may not be worth moving. Many factors come into account when you are deciding if it should stay or go.

Take into account the climate, as your snow blower won’t be so helpful in Florida. The BBQ won’t be your most used item once you are living in an apartment, so that daily routine will likely be cut. The cost of moving some items is simply too expensive to keep. The Value of some items is irreplaceable, like rare antiques, family heirlooms, etc. Consider the practicality of some items, like if you haven’t used the build-a-rocket set you bought 5 years ago. Lastly, keep in mind the context of any items you have. Will it fit in with the rest of the room?

Organize everything

Get rid of all the clutter in your home. Open every door, cabinet, drawer, and get rid of the junk. Organize them into several piles of Keep, for sale, give away, and throw away.

Get to each pile in a timely manner. Throw away that pile immediately, and pack your keep pile ASAP. Labeling the boxes is important too, this way you won’t lose items you may need right when you move in. Keep the for sales and give aways in a separate room so they are out of the way, but not out of sight.

Begin early and stay firm

Waiting until the last minute to do all of this will result in several mistakes. You will probably throw away something you never meant to, or lose several important items. You could just end up tossing it all in box and really not getting to it for months.

Start paring down your belongings right when you know you want to move, and don’t waver on keeping questionable items. Downsizing will make your life a lot better!

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