How to Feel at Home Wherever You Are

You can be at home anywhere you are. If you are renting, couch surfing, vacationing, there’s a way to make wherever you are staying, home.

Home is more than having a place to live, it’s a place where you feel safe and comfortable; and surprisingly; a large number of people don’t have that.   Some people rent, some are always on the road traveling, some move around from base to base in the military, some of us hit hard times and have to crash at a relatives or friends for a while, and some even have to move back in with our parents until we can get back up on our feet again.

Until you find enough cash to buy your own home, there is a way to feel at home. We just need to find our creative side and build our home within ourselves.


Many people think their stuff defines who they are. The photos they’ve taken throughout their lives, the 20-year old art piece, and the football trophy from high school, etc. The motto I have found to be quite useful is “less is more” and it has never done me wrong.

It all comes down to what makes you happy. Keeping the things you care about close, and getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. You will find once you de-clutter your life, how much simpler it becomes.

Keep actual pictures

This is an underutilized way of keeping the sense of “you” no matter where you are. Keeping photos of those you love and care about near will always give you that sense of home.

Most of us have our Facebook’s and Instagrams (online versions) of all our photos, but having physical copies of these makes it feel like home. Sure, everything is easier online, but nothing compares to tangible photos.

Enjoy the smell

The smell of home is one-of-a-kind. You recognize it the moment you enter a room, and it creates a social and emotional part of your life.

Don’t just go out and buy whatever candle you find first. Truly find one that is YOUR smell. You will know it once it hits your nose. T can be a smell of freshness, or a smell that brings back a memory. Whatever it is, find something that is YOU.

Get your own space

No matter where you are, find something you can become familiar with. A walking path, a part of town, a park, a music hall, or whatever place you frequent often can become yours.

Becoming familiar with a place, inside or outside, gives yourself a sense of belonging, which creates a sense of home.

Just remember, home isn’t always where you lay your head, it’s where you feel most comfortable.

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