How To Handle Long Distance Moves

Searching for a home locally is difficult enough, but searching for one in another city, state, across the country presents a whole new challenge. As difficult as it is, it’s not impossible. Having the right agent working with the right technology, it can be done with ease. Here are a couple ideas to keep in mind when looking for a home afar.

Do your homework

Using technology to search for a home in another part of the state or country is the best thing you can do for yourself. You know the areas around your current home, but you know almost nothing about the place you plan to move. The internet can tell you what schools, hospitals, restaurants, businesses are all around you, and even how far.

What you want to also look up is the crime rate in your area, the rankings of the schools, and how long a commute to work will be. If you do not have children, this is still something to consider because homes near excellent schools have a great resell value.

While doing your homework, you absolutely need to make sure you search for the area’s best real estate agents. It’s vital to hire an agent who is professional, trustworthy, and experienced with the area you want to buy.

They are your feet on the ground while you cannot be there. This agent is the person responsible for suggesting which neighborhoods you want to live in, what homes are selling for in the area, and basically being your lifeline while you are busy packing your belongings.

Have a budget

It’s often necessary for people to travel to their new location several times before they officially move. There are times where you have to look at neighborhoods and you may find nothing you like, forcing you to come back another time. You could also be forced to come back to pick out appliances, flooring, etc. Unexpected appointments may also arise in which case you need to be there.

Save up a few thousand dollars for plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, meals etc. There’s no getting around having to go back and forth a couple times.

It could be better to plan to stay four or five days at a time instead of cramming everything in during a weekend.

Know what you want

A homebuyer should always have a list of their must haves, and that’s especially true when they’re buying from a distance. Pick out a top five of must haves and your non-negotiables.

Once you know what you want, relay that exactly to your agent and they can help narrow down your choices. Once they know this less time will be wasted, and more time spent offering!

Overcome the remote home buyer fears

Everyone would be nervous about buying a home they haven’t seen. Go ahead and ask your agent to add in a clause the final sale of the property is contingent on the buyer seeing it.

Another option is to rent a place for a month or two before you buy. This way you can get settled into your new life without pulling the trigger.

Moving to a new town, city, or state can be a positive experience. New opportunities are ahead along with new neighborhoods, cultures, people, and experiences. Just take the right steps in the beginning so moving is a breeze, and it’s one less thing to worry about.


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