How to Handle Snide Remarks About Your Home

There’s little that is less defeating than hearing snide comments or criticisms against your home, the one you are trying to sell. But the best revenge against it is to use their feedback to make your home irresistible for the next open house.

It is never a comforting feeling to put your home up for sale and then have a parade of strangers waltz through offering your home up for brutal criticisms. They will probably even attack your taste of décor and your tidiness of your closets.

Some comments are directed to pierce the heart, while others are backhanded compliments. Some people might say, “I wish I could care less about cleaning like these people”, or “This place could be great with a little more effort put into it.” While the best one, “How quaint” is just like saying “bless his/her heart.”

To emotionally distance yourself from your home will help, but let’s figure out a way to constructively use this feedback. Let’s use it to motivate you to sell your home at the best price.

View the comment pragmatically

Leave your emotions at the door and find the comments that could help sell your home. When a neighbor recommends using bold colors, but insists on playing it safe, this is something you want to listen to. Potential buyers might have the same reaction. Remember, you aren’t painting to please your eyes; you are picking colors to appeal to buyers. The goal here is to give buyers the idea of a blank canvas. This way the buyer doesn’t have to do much work (which is a factor, believe it or not) but it also helps them visualize living in your home. These are some giant and important steps in getting them to make an offer.

Don’t take the comments personally, put them to good use

The most hurtful comment can be one about cleanliness. Everyone can understand why that comment might depress you, but don’t let it. We all practice a certain level of cleanliness whether it is daily, for the weekend, after the weekend, or before the parents are coming in for a visit.

Take a decent look around your home and think of it as you are about to have a handful of judges coming to critique your house (because you are). This is the time to polish the cabinets, closets, and corners.

Everything will be under the microscope, even the junk drawer, and the cabinet under the sink. The point here is to clean the unthinkable places to show buyers you are a proud and attentive homeowner.

Accurately market your home

When someone says, “I love how you’ve decorated the third bedroom, it doesn’t feel that small.”

Buyers do not appreciate surprises. Shooting a wide-angle shot of a living room or bedroom, this does give a beautiful photo, sometimes these aren’t the most accurate portrayals of a room. If a buyer is looking for a set of three full-sized bedrooms, the big, wide-eyed closet won’t cut it.

As in most sports, the best defense is a great offense. When you’ve taken that wide-eyed photo, give a description stating the room is ideal for a nursery or a cozy office. This way everyone knows what they’re walking into.

The buyers who are looking for that big third bedroom probably won’t be making the offer so do not waste your energy trying to make a less-than-perfect feature by the time the buyer could have toured the entire house.

While snide compliments are difficult to hear, they can be extremely helpful in marketing to sell your home. Now is the time to grow some thick skin, dig deep, and use this info

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