How to Hire an Expert Home Inspector

When buying a home, there is a serious step involved of having the home inspected for major and minor defects. Here are a few steps to find a well qualified home inspector who will give you an accurate report.

     Start Early- Buying a home is an important process, so get off on the right foot by knowing which inspector you will employ before you start looking for homes. This way you will have more time to vet professionals.

     Get an Engineer- You will want to hire an inspector who has vast knowledge about a home's inner workings, so you will want to hire an inspector who is also a licensed professional engineer. If a home has structural problems, a PE will know how to handle these.

     Get Recs- Ask your friends, family, business partners about recommendations about skilled home inspectors. Whatever you do, do not get an agent who is associated with the seller's party.

     Do a Background Check- Look into whether or not the inspector you are considering hiring has a ASHI certification. Also find out if your state regulates home inspections, and if they do find out if the agent you are potentially using has had any complaints against him or her. Angie's List would be one place to look.

     Interview- In a formal interview ask the potential inspectors about their experience, expertise, and background. You should also ask them how long they have been in the field, how they conduct their inspections, and what will be included in their report. (Always get a computer written report, not a hand written one). Ask them what they charge for their services. Ask about photos in problematic areas, a checklist for what all they checked, how long an inspection will take (a good one is a few hours), and lastly, how long a completed report will be returned to you.

     Be Insured-It is vitally important to make sure the inspector you employ carries errors and omissions insurance specifically for conducting these inspections. This is to cover mistakes of the inspectors. These inspector with this insurance have a better ability to cover any lawsuits filed against them. Those without the insurance are less likely to pay a claim.

     Shadow the Inspector-You should be there the day of the inspection. The inspection should last a few hours, and you can see  any problem areas and have them explained in person. They can also assure you that minor faults, aren't major ones, or vice versa.

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