How to Personalize Your Rental Unit When Painting isn't an Option

If you are living in a rental that just doesn’t feel like home, we may have the answer. There are several options outside of painting that will help you transform your rental unit into your cozy home. The way we recommend is to add color, texture, and patterns. Ignore the boring beige walls and use these steps to help personalize your home.


 You don’t need paint to cover a wall up. You can easily create an accent wall out of pictures, sticky strips, hanging fixtures, or any other decorative piece. To embellish color, just add bright, pattern heavy pictures or paintings. If elegance is your taste, go for more of a black and white tone, abstract art all encompassed by black frames.

Rug rendezvous

No matter what kind of floor you have, hardwood, linoleum, 70’s shag carpet, a good quality rug will never be a bad choice. Area rugs open the room with good color, texture, and cover up any unwanted spots. Try mixing and matching colors and patterns to tie the room together.

High shelving

Since painting isn’t an option, putting up shelving definitely is. You can create a good accent wall by adding floor to ceiling shelving, whether they are bookshelves, armoires, or wall shelves. Not only will these give you a bunch of storage, they will be really fashionable too. You’ll look like you are a master decorator. Painting these shelves a bold color will definitely make it stand out and look good.

Awesome windows

Taking big structures out of the rental is probably a bad idea, but covering it up will do too. Covering a window is a good way to add your own touch. Go to an arts and crafts store and see if you can find some good fabric that would look nice hanging by your windows. Windows are made to draw the eyes up away from the floors, so make them something worth looking at.

Plenty of light

Not everyone likes a dark cave-like room. Let there be light! Adding quality table lamps to your side tables goes a long way, as does little lamps for your bedroom. Heavy duty lamps are good for dining areas. Mix and match colors and patterns to keep lighting diverse, but still flowing.


Laying your rooms with textures can add a whole new dimension to the place. Lying with blankets, pillows, and light covers will do more than paint can (if done correctly). Mix the sizes, shapes, colors, and textures of these layers to embody the entire room, but don’t throw the balance off with bad color-to-pattern ratio. These are meant for your couches, loveseats, chairs, and even beds.

Now you know how to make the place yours when painting isn’t an option. Tell us how it works out!

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