How to Protect Your Belongings During an Open House

Don’t want to get your jewelry stolen during an open house? Well be sure to secure them from the people who will be rummaging through your closets, drawers, and cabinets.

An open house is pretty much an open invitation for complete strangers to walk through your house while you are absent. You post a sign in your yard saying you won’t be home during these hours, so come on in and take a look around.

There are a few risks once you put your home on the market and make it open to the public. As humans we expect a common code of decency when we let humans in our home. It doesn’t hurt to be proactive in case the common code is undervalued. Chances are they’re not going to help themselves to your valuables while you’re gone, but I definitely wouldn’t give them an open invite to do so.

People are just curious, it’s in our genes, and they are given a right to be curious during an open house.

The target spots will be your medicine cabinets, jewelry boxes, and your trinket room. Be sure to scan your rooms and look for easily pocketed items. This will include your prescriptions, notes with personal or valuable information, checkbooks, and jewelry.

Do NOT overlook the potential opportunities for identity theft; this is a growing crime in America. This means all bills, bank statements, and mail need to be put away where no one can stumble upon them. Don’t stuff them in a drawer, that’s just dumb. Lock them up!

Also be sure not to obsess over whether it is secure enough. This could create a state of fear and paranoia. No one in their right mind will walk out of your home with your brand new plasma TV, but they might put the $100 bottle of wine in their purse on the way out.

Here are your safety tips

  • Find a reputable agent and ask him/her how to safeguard your home during an open house.
  • Make sure your agent has a sign-in sheet for everyone who enters your home.
  • For multilevel homes, request your agent bring an assistant to have someone on each floor.
  • Remove all valuables from view and place them in a safe, locked place.
  • Remove and lock up all prescription medicines.
  • Don’t leave out all small electronics, including iPad’s, laptops, smart phones, and other small devices that can easily be put into a pocket.
  • Don’t hide anything in your top dresser drawer.
  • Bills, checks, bank statements, passports, and ID’s should all be secured.
  • Do NOT leave any heirlooms as decorations to stage a room.
  • If photos of your home are online, do not include ones with valuables in the picture to tempt thieves.
  • After each open house, insist the agent check and lock all doors, and windows. This prevents any “late-comers” from dropping by when everyone has already left.

These are good and valuable tips for your open house, and peace of mind. Hope this helps and can be the first step to a successful open house.

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