How to Protect Your Home

Protecting your home is an important part of owning real estate. Whether you live in it year round, rent it out, or leave it empty for part of the year, your house is always susceptible to danger. Whether it is criminals, or weather, protecting your house is always a good idea.

Right when you purchase your home, the smartest thing you can do is to change your locks right away. This is to prevent burglars from messing with the locks, and strangers wandering inside. If you want the ultimate security, consider spending the money to buy the smart locks. They offer better protection and give you the control even when you are away from home.

Beef Up the First Line of Defense

The first line of defense is always your landscaping. Burglars will hide behind tall bushes and trees, so make it a priority to keep them well trimmed. If you have trees, keep all limbs trimmed back from windows, particularly second story windows. Don’t keep ladders or anything someone could climb in your yard. This is almost inviting them in! Even if you don’t have a home security system, having a yard picket will surely keep them away. Keeping the security sign in a visible area is key, so don’t just put it by the garage in the back yard.

Secure Entry Paths

A burglar’s entry preferred entry point is the front door. Most aren’t daring enough to go through the front, but the windows, back doors, garage doors will do. To keep this line of defense secure, have no broken windows, door hinges, or locks. If any of those does happen to be broken, change it right away.

Automatic Lights

Burglars always prefer a dark home. Even one light that is always one will deter most. Smart lights are a great hindrance for intruders. Having a smart light allows you to control when, and how they turn on, all from your phone. Linking them with other smart objects is possible too.

It’s best to have your lights at the front and back doors. They should also be strong enough to shine out in the yard to expose intruders. There are also lights that create a mimicked lighting pattern, giving the illusion someone is home.

Quality Home Security Company

A quality alarm system is one that alerts you and the authorities simultaneously that your alarm has been sounded. They should also provide you with a second source of power in case of power interruptions or failure during an emergency.

A few companies will even provide you with security cameras for an additional charge, but they are worth the money. Today’s cameras can alert you if someone is coming in your door even if you are across the planet.

Protecting your biggest investments definitely has its benefits. One would be big discounts on insurances. These also increase the value of your properties, and keep your mind from worrying about it. Most buyers would love to buy a home with a built in security system already in place. All we want is a safe home.

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