How to Stage You Bathrooms for Sale

It’s no secret when you are getting ready to sell your home, a lot of effort must be put in to embellish every room. This will enable you to maximize every room’s potential and get the best deal possible. Keep in mind though; you don’t really have to account for these expenses since you are increasing the value of your home.

            Bathrooms are always the starting point when trying to stage your home. It’s a small enough room and easy enough to do that professional help is not needed.


  1. Perfectly Clean Surfaces: It’s no ones dream to come home after work to take a relaxing bath in a moldy tub with old cobwebs looming over them, alongside a nasty old shower curtain. Your buyer especially won’t want to even see this. A sparkling bathroom is one of the most crucial things a seller can do to entice the buyer. Spend a weekend to clean every inch of it for the next open house. Caulk any cracks, clean all mirrors, and buy an air freshener to eliminate all foul odors. You’ll be surprised how different of a room it will look once it’s perfectly clean.
  2. Remove All Personal Items: People are judgmental so be sure and remove all personal hygiene items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, medications, etc. It’s best to put them in a plastic shower basket s so they can easily be transported when a new buyer is coming. An empty and clean mirror cabinet allows the potential buyer to envision their own belongings to be sitting in there.
  3. Less is More: Despite having a love for the flashy shower curtain, and crazy floor mats, these must go. These items tend to be looked at as dirty even if they are brand new. Another item to hide is your dirty clothes hamper. No one wants to see your underwear from the week.
  4. Add Luxury & Details: A simple vase with pretty flowers in it goes a long way. Even scented candles will do the trick. The point is to make your bathroom look and feel like a spa. Get a nice soap and lotion set accompanied with pretty hand towels for your potential buyers and they will leave with a positive feeling.


It isn’t difficult at all to transform your bathroom. One day out of a weekend will do the trick. Next thing you know, your bathroom will be one of your favorite rooms in the house.

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