How to Stay Cool This Summer Without Air Conditioner

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an air conditioner. Whether you don’t have one, it’s busted, and/or, just trying to keep your electric bill down, use these hacks to stay cool during the summer. There are days and nights where it can be just miserable to live without ac. These tips will help you survive the unbearable heat.

  1. Make your ceiling fan go counterclockwise

There will be a little switch on the motor of your fan indicating which way the blades spin.  It’s easier than you think. Naturally, counterclockwise creates a cooler breeze than clockwise.

  1. Keep the light out

Not letting light in by closing shades, blinds, and curtains can keep your place cooled by 20 degrees.

  1. Find your inner MacGyver

Put a full bowl of ice cubes directly in front of the fan. Make sure the fan blows on them directly to cool the room. The air hits the ice to create a cool, misty breeze. It works, trust me.

  1. Don’t close yourself off

Keep doors open to allow air to circulate through the house. Closing doors keeps air trapped and makes rooms have that stuffy feeling.

  1. Revamp your bedding

Take off your flannel sheets already! Put on any other sheets and your skin will breathe much better at night. A trick you can do is to get a spray bottle and mist down your sheets before you fall asleep. Everyone can agree the worst feeling is waking up drenched in sweat.

  1. Sleep alone

Sleep alone one night and notice how much body heat a partner emits.

  1. Get a water bottle

Throw a water bottle in the freezer for a little while, and then put it on your feet before bed. Another thing you can do is to dunk your feet in ice water before bed. The feet have many nerves and pulse points, so chilling these will tell your body to cool off.

  1. Unplug

Appliances that are plugged in create heat, no doubt about it. Unplug what you can, it won’t be on the function, but on the other side, it’s saving you energy.

  1. Turn off the lights

All light bulbs, even energy efficient ones give off heat. Getting certain bulbs like CFLS will too lower your energy bill. Keep the lights off and notice a difference.

  1. Stay down

Hot air rises, and cold air falls. You should have learned this in 3rd grade science class. Try sleeping as close to the ground as you can, whatever way you can. Perhaps you can try an indoor hammock. Those would be pretty sweet!

Hope this article was helpful! Good luck this summer, and try not to crank your ac all the time!

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