How to Supercharge Your House Hunt

How many full weekends have you and your partner spent house hunting? Full blown weekends shouldn’t be spent house hunting. Get your Sundays back and speed up the process.


Every potential buyer approaches an open house differently.  Some offer a rich look-loo experience at the beginning of the hunt. This will allow you learn just what sort of place you are looking for, and at what price. It also is good for the first-time-homebuyer. They start to see what online photos actually turn into.

On the other hand, experienced buyers use open houses to meet with their agent. It’s way easier to tour a large number of homes with your agent over a weekend instead of making appointments for every single listing agent. Whether you are a first-time-homebuyer, or an experienced veteran, here’s how to expedite the open-house tours.


  1. 1.       Do your homework:  the first idea you will probably have is to just get in your car and drive around looking for signs. This is just down-right a waste of time and energy. It’s time to make a power-packed open house tour.

Trulia has an app that you can see a bird’s-eye view of properties for sale, their listed price, and the open-house schedule. Tap on the flag to see photos of the house and the details. Tap on the house image again and you’ll see relevant states and even more pictures.

If a home isn’t meeting all the criteria, cross it off your list and congratulate yourself for saving some serious time. If a house is in the running for a purchase, add it to your calendar right from the app.

Are you tired of driving around a neighborhood wondering if it’s the right one for you? Always wondering where the post office is, where’s the grocery store?  Once again the Trulia app can do all that for you. A simple iPhone map can do it as well.

  1. 2.       Coordinate with your agent for open house visits: Talk to your agent so they can strategize how to go about open houses. Make sure all your favorite homes are on their list. If you do everything you need to, your weekend house hunt will turn into a couple hours.

Make sure your agent knows if you have a particular house in mind so they can call the listing agent for a heads-up. This way, if an offer comes in before you get a chance to look at it, you’ll be notified.

  1. 3.       Take and compare notes: After looking at a house, jot down some notes so you have something to call upon when you can’t quite remember every part of the house. Once you see 5+ homes, they all tend to mix together. In your notes be sure to include first impressions, questions, likes, and dislikes, concerns, and leaving impressions.

After you see all the houses on your list, compare your notes and start making your list smaller. Your goal here is to not rely on memory complete, give good feedback to your agent that will help them prioritize new listings. Lastly you will compare the detailed pros and cons versus just giving it thumbs up or thumbs down.

  1. 4.       Use open houses as a screening tool: Having great notes on each house allows you to narrow down the places you’ve visited. Event better than great notes allow you to categorize these properties as “good, great, bad, ugly, etc.”

If there’s a home that you have fallen in love with, but it still has some issues in your eyes, you can ask your agent for a private showing before you make an offer.


Good Luck!

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