How to Tell How Fast Your Home Will Sell

Anyone familiar with the real estate industry knows the term, “Location, location, location”. While this is a highly reputable term, it isn’t the only worth focusing on. Homes are likely to fly off the market often have similarities between them. Here are four that will give you a solid piece of mind when looking to sell.

  1. Relax, the price will come – Yes the market is recovering, but slowly though. This takes time and won’t happen in a couple months. Whatever you do, don’t over price it. Homes that are priced 12 percent above their Zillow estimated value are almost half as likely to sell within 60 days versus those estimated values. The sweet spot is to find that middle ground.
  2. Take pictures, but not too many – 16 -21 photos are the ideal amount of photos for a listing. Always be over prepared than underprepared. Aerial shots are beginning to take flight as the new form of photographic advertising.
  3. Size matters – smaller homes, typically under 1,100 square feet, sell the fastest. They usually sell about 9 percentage points faster than larger homes in larger markets within 60 days. However, in markets like San Francisco, and Indianapolis, these little homes take the longest to sell. It all depends on your market, and where you are.
  4. Advertise – The more you advertise, the luckier you make yourself. Getting to the right advertising platforms severely increases your chances of selling within the time you’d like.


It’s good to be back from the west coast! Get that house sold!

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