How to Turn Off Potential Buyers

This article will be about the best way(s) to sabotage your own home sale, or if you are renting and want to sabotage your landlords sale. Kidding obviously, but there are certain things buyers notice that will immediately turn them off. Sellers spend a ton of effort to get buyers attention and in the door, so they want to keep them interested and not lose them by means of carelessness.

If you are putting your home on the market go through this checklist to make sure you aren’t doing any of these.

  1. Turning your garage into a family room – everyone loves a family room, but if you’ve made the sacrifice of turning your garage into one, it could be disastrous. Some buyers might not have a family, and wish the garage was still a garage. A lot of the time garages also serve as storage rooms. It takes a certain type of person to enjoy a family room as a garage, and they are difficult to find.
  2. Changing bedroom into not a bedroom – the bedroom is the fundamental room every buyer looks for. They want to know how many. Turning a bedroom into a wine cellar, or poker room might work for you, but it’s not for everyone. And even though a lot of people work from home now, that doesn’t necessarily mean they want a built in home office. If you are hell-bent on changing a bedroom into another room, make sure it can easily be changed back.
  3. Lay down carpet over hardwood floors – Hardwood floors are the way to go. They are cleaner, and don’t show as much dirt. If you’ve got hardwood underneath your carpet, pull the carpet up.
  4. Install flamboyant light fixtures – fancy chandeliers can sometimes be too much for families who prefer simple fixtures. When it’s time to sell, pack up the chandelier and take it with you, replacing it with a simple fixture. You are appealing to the masses when trying to sell, not what kind of taste you have.
  5. Turn your kid’s room into another planet – Yes it’s fun when kids have imaginations and want their room to be like a fantasy world, but the potential buyers see this as major work into making it look normal again. They could have teenage children who aren’t so fond of princesses anymore.
  6. Adding an above ground pool – These are not “real pools”. You shouldn’t really ever have a real pool unless you can afford one. Don’t waste your money and yard space on buying an above ground pool. These are eyesores, and leave huge dead spots of grass in the yard. If you have to have it, take it down before going on the market.
  7. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink – leaving dirty dishes in the sink isn’t only gross; it tells buyers you don’t care about your house. Kitchens are one of the biggest selling points in houses, and to leave yours dirty is almost sinful. You want to impress them, not leave the disgusted. Keep the kitchen clean for best results.
  8. Make buyers remove their shoes – Not only is this an inconvenience, but it can be discomforting to pick up someone else’s dirt, pet hair, and dust. If you are really anal about people having their shoes on in your house, just supply shoe covers, and problem solved.
  9. Smoking cigarettes in all rooms of your house – Throughout the years the smoke starts to stick to your walls, and it’s very difficult to hide. It sticks to the carpet, drapes, wood, and it smells awful. If you are going to remove the smell, you are going to need to repaint, remove carpets, and do a hell of a lot of cleaning. If you don’t you will not get top dollar for your home.
  10. Keeping pets beds and toys in plain view – family pets are loved among family, and not necessarily potential buyers. Pet’s toys can be filled w germs that are screaming at the buyers who want nothing to do with them. If your pet has beds and toys, be sure to put them in the garage during showings.

This is still your home after all, so you are free to do as you wish, but these are the things sellers often do that leave potential buyers turned off. So don’t wonder why they didn’t like your home, it’s probably because you did one or a few of the listed above. 

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