How to Unpack in Your New Home

After you’ve made all the preparations for moving, packed everything in the truck, and unloaded your belongings into your new home, there’s only one thing left to do, unpack. With boxes galore in almost every room, where do you start?

No matter how badly you want this process to be over with, it will never get finished without rolling up your sleeves and just doing it. Here’s the best way to get started

Clean and prepare your new home – It’s easier to find everything’s proper place when spaces are clean. Wipe down shelves, windows, mop the floors, and start thinking where your belongings would fit best. If time is a factor you don’t have, consider hiring a cleaning service.

Inspect and organize your stuff – check all your boxes against your inventory sheet to make sure you have all your stuff, and it’s intact. Then put all the boxes in the rooms where it belongs. If your boxes are all marked and labeled, this won’t be a big chore.

Open the boxes of essentials – Your essentials are your tools, toiletries, clothes, medicines, packed foods, basic kitchenware, and other lifesaving things you need.

Set major furniture and appliances – place your large furniture and household appliances first. This way, any smaller items you unpack later directly into their right places. It’s helpful to plan your interior design well in advance, so you aren’t moving things around several times.

You want to make sure right after you unpack your necessities, is that they are readily accessible. So prioritize, and unpack the necessities first.

Bedding – Chances are you won’t be able to unpack the entire bedroom right away, but you will need to set up that bed right when you move in. Put it together, put on the sheets, and unpack the pillows, and make the bed, because without it, you’ll be sleeping on the floor.

Bathroom items – toiletries and personal care/hygiene items are some of the most important. Lay out the toilet paper, medicine, and soap, along with the towels, toothpaste, and shower curtains. Make sure you have all the proper materials to get yourself clean after all this work. Don’t forget your medicine!

Kitchen necessities – You may be relying on delivery for the first few days if you didn’t end up taking much with you. You will definitely need an operational kitchen as soon as possible. Kitchens are one of the largest rooms with the most items to fill, so as soon as you hook up your appliances, move on to the smaller kitchenware. Plates, silverware, and glasses should all be put in their places, shortly followed by the pots and pans, and pantry items.

Kids’ and pets’ items – If you have kids, unpack some of their favorite toys, books, games, and blankets, in the first few hours in your home. Keeping them occupied and happy will make life easier for you. Take care of your pets needs upon arrival, and keep their food ready at hand.

Once the three most important rooms have been unpacked (bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen) you can breathe a little. You have no deadlines, so you can go at your own pace when you are unpacking or decorating your new place. Now you want to unpack in your own priority.

Staying organized and setting reasonable goals and complete them in good time, cleaning up after yourself, your new home will be looking as fresh as a new home can look.

Have fun in the process, turn on your favorite music, play unpacking games with your kids, and see if your friends can lend a helping hand. The pain of unpacking can actually be a pleasure if it’s done right.

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