How to Warm Your Bathroom In Style

Winter can be a hard time for your house, especially when it comes to comfortability. Sometimes bathrooms can be one of the most treacherous parts of your house, especially in the morning!

There’s a good chance your bathroom is made of tile, marble, or porcelain, and they aren’t conducive to warmth. With a little innovation and some sweat, you can make your bathroom enjoyable in the winter mornings by filling it with heat. Here are a few ways to heat up the bathroom

Heated floors

Warm bathrooms begin at the ground and heat is known to rise. Heated floors are one of the best things to step on in the morning. It keeps your toes warm, but also keeps the temperature of the room warm. The greatest benefit is it adds significant value to the home, so when you are ready to sell, expect a decent price increase!

This isn’t exactly easy, you will have to rip up the existing floor and lay electric cables or hydronic tubing. Once it is installed though, you’ll wonder how you went without it your whole life. These work really well because bathrooms are typically smaller, and can contain the heater better than a wide open room.

Towel Warmer

Everyone knows the second the shower turns off, it’s a race to grab the towel and get warm. Heated towel racks make getting out of the shower not so painful. They look like miniature ladders with heat-emitting rungs, and are large enough to hold several towels and maybe a robe.

Adding a heated towel rack can be easy or difficult, it’s essentially up to you. You can buy a freestanding one that has to be plugged in, or you can mount one to the wall or floor. The mounted ones tend to be hydronic based, and are connected to the homes plumbing.

Different models come with different options, like a timer, temperature control, how many towels, etc. Regardless, they will make you a happy camper once you leave the warm shower and venture into the cold bathroom.

Heated Toilet Seats

Who would have ever thought a high-tech toilet was possible? Not only does the seat warm your buns, but it showers your “parts” once you are finished. It doesn’t stop there, it also blow dries that part so you can walk away feeling like you were just perfectly cleaned.

Yes, some people are a bit overwhelmed with this kind of toilet, but those who are used to it, swear by it. If this is the case, just a simple heated toilet seat is also available. This can be done by simply buying the seat and plugging it in nearby.

Shower timer

If you live in a crowded house and somehow get stuck as the last person to use the shower, you could be in a world of hurt. If you can get yourself a shower timer, you can keep a whole houseful of people happy, and prevent any cold showers.

A showerproof hourglass that suctions to the side tile to a device that attaches to the showerhead and reduces then shuts off water at a preset time. This will stop others from using your hot water. This also will reduce your water usage, and that will help save on your bill. 

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