How to Win the War on Pet Hair

Spring is here and you know what that means – allergies! What you won’t expect is that most allergies actually come from your pets. They will be shedding their winter coats and getting rid of the winter fur. A good deal of us have allergic reactions to our own pets, and this is because their fur harbors dust and dander. These aren’t common allergies, but allergens.

The best way to keep you from sneezing this spring is to win the battle against hypersensitive fur. There are two ways to do this, first regularly groom them, and second, clean the hell out of your home.

Keeping pets tidy

Dogs typically shed their skin cells every 22 days, usually indicating they have healthy skin. If they’ve got unhealthy skin it is more like every week. The best way to ensure they have healthy skin is to bathe them every month.

If you have cats your best bet is to use grooming wipes, as they are typically not fond of water. These wipes are designed for cats and collect loose fur. We all know if we’ve got a cat who is a jerk or not, so the key to winning this is to make sure you brush them in a place where they are comfortable to be brushed. Wherever it may be, be sure to brush them on a mat or towel so they’re not sliding and you aren’t unleashing any fur to be spread.

All pets need to be groomed regularly if you plan on winning the war on hair. Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as bonding with them. Cats can be more difficult to groom, but dogs are pleased almost anywhere.

Tricks and Tools

Your best weapon to fight this war is a big powerful vacuum cleaner. Don’t be a victim of marketing and buy the vacuum “specifically designed for pet hair”, buy one with the best suction, and comes with a variety of attachments for those hard to reach places. Lint rollers are a good line of defense as well. Pet stores (and online stores) offer sticky pads that work great with collecting pet hair.

When you do your spring cleaning be sure to wash their beds and any throw towel s they often have contact with. Washing them monthly

Check the bowels

If your pet sheds more than he/she should, and may have skin problems, it could go all the way back to their food bowls. Good health starts with nutrition. Healthy skin means they shed less, so keep them well fed and keep an eye on their coat.

So yes you can win the war on pet hair this spring. Reducing allergens around your home will make a difference, and you’ll be happy you’ve taken the time to do it. As George Patton once said, “A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood”.  

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