Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades Before You Sell

Your kitchen is the room of the house you spend most of your time in whether you know it or not. This is where you make your meals, entertain your friends, or talk to your family day today. 
One day you may look around and see your kitchen isn't quite up to your standards and it needs a fresh makeover ASAP. Luckily a kitchen up grade can be done for less than $5,000. 

Upgrades that will boost the value

1. Repaint the cabinets and replace hardware
A fresh coat of paint and some new knobs are easy ways to give your kitchen a quick makeover without it draining your wallet. Hardware is often underestimated in the change it can bring to a kitchen. A simple new look can help modernize cabinetry without a whole lot of effort. Try to get knobs with the same drill holes as your current ones, drilling new holes to perfection isn't always that easy. 

Estimated cost: $250 hardware, $300 paint

2.Add a backsplash
Does the ugly wall or old backsplash bother you when you're doing dishes? Adding a modern backsplash can do wonders for a kitchen. They're not that difficult to install, and they have the benefit of coming in many shapes, size, and styles. 

Estimated cost: $1,000

3. Replace the lights
You Lighting creates the feel of a room, so it's vital to have good lighting in a kitchen. Pendant lights the well above islands, and under cabinet lights provide a classier look. If your white fixtures are already modern, then all you may need is to replace your existing bulbs with LED's. Lighting is usually a bit expensive, but if you shop at the right store, a deal can be found!

Estimated cost: $200-$700

4. Install concrete or butcher block countertops.
The countertops are one of the most important pieces of a kitchen. This is where you eat, prepare food, and Restoril those. Services should be attractive it yet durable. Concrete counter tops can really tie a room together; and butcher-block is just as attractive. These will be expensive as marble and granite are heavy materials. You can get away with small slabs for your island without getting too pricey.

Estimated cost: $500

5. New kitchen sinks
Sinks are the most used piece in a kitchen. What's nifty about sinks is they can be a centerpiece as well as a functional showpiece. Sinks actually add a lot of value depending on the style you get. Be sure to get one that fits with the kitchen.

Estimated cost: $300

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