Investing in Property in Asia

For property investors wondering if the US is the right place to invest at a time like now, I've checked out an international area as an alternative. This area is a condominium development in the suburbs of Taipei, Taiwan. There is no city website for this local area called, 'The City Peak'. What drives this market is the experienced real estate agents, and personal relationships with them, which limits the access of outside investors.

These condominiums are designed so the living space is 20+ floors, and two possible retail stores on the first two floors, which actually is a western building concept. The developer hired an award winning architect and never made his building available to public investors.

The average condo in Taiwan is a wall-to-wall shell with high ceilings and fire retardants. The rest of the space is left to the buyer. The condo is sold on the total square footage as is regional tradition. So a little less than half the the area you buy is made to be the common area. The buyer is still responsible for paying rent, utilities, etc. 

Pretty much, don't move there it sounds like it sucks, and America is much better any day of the week!

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