Is it Time to Get A New Real Estate Agent?

Having your own real estate agent is much like having a significant other, but it’s a professional relationship instead of a romantic one. You tend to spend a lot of time with them during the week, hunting for homes, possibly hanging out, and you’ll even spend a decent amount of time with them on the phone.  

As most relationships do, they will come to an end. When the rosy feeling in your stomach about real estate disappears, or when they start putting in less time and effort, it could be time to cut it off. Here are some signs that it is time to leave them for good.

Missing in action – whether your relationship is personal, or business related with your agent, they can still disappear for a while. They might send your calls right to voicemail, ignore your text messages, pass you off to their assistant, lose track of the emails, etc. Whatever happens, they just aren’t communicating with you. The home you want to see tomorrow won’t be happening until four days later. If they do this in a cold market, no one would be happy. Now in a hot market, you don’t stand a chance to land your dream home. When this happens, you’ve been put on the backburner, and it’s time to move on

High-pressure sales tactics – You might begin to feel you are now shopping for a used car rather than a new home. Each interaction with them leaves you with anxiety because every other house on the market is already in contract and about to be sold. Your time is running out and your foot isn’t even in the door. You shouldn’t be feeling anxious when you leave your agent after a showing, you should be filled with market information, but also feel like they’ve showed you everything in an honest and straight forward manner.

They don’t listen – You’ve showed your agent multiple times of the features you want in a house, but they keep showing you ones without them. You’ve stressed that a second bathroom is imperative to your home, but you only get a half bathroom. When you feel your time is wasted on the weekend visiting homes your agent keeps falling through on, it’s time to let go. But before you let go, ask your agent if there are any homes with your required features in your price range. This could fix your housing situation.

They stand you up – You’ve left work early to go meet you agent to sign a bunch of papers or visit a house, and on your way there, their assistant calls you and asks to reschedule. We expect them to have other clients, but it is not okay to fail to communicate in advance. Their time does not take precedent over yours. Yes life does throw curveballs, and can be handled as such, but if this is a reoccurring theme, it’s time to move on.

They make your decisions – Finally, you’ve found a house you love and have submitted your offer. The seller has asked for an extended closing date, and your agent says you wouldn’t mind. What if you do mind? The sellers might go with another offer during that time. This is not your agents call, and they should discuss all contracts and offers with your personally. If they represent you, it does not mean they can make decisions for you.

Like a romantic relationship, it can be easy to freak yourself out by over thinking things and become paranoid, but remember this is a business relationship that deserves to be given priority. If you have had several problems with your agent, and have discussed these problems shouldn’t be a reoccurring issue, then it’s time to move on and find yourself someone better. Good luck in the hunt!

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