Is Your Real Estate Agent Sabotaging Your Home Sale?

One would expect their real estate agent to be busting their butt day and night to sell your home, but is it possible they are lounging around your swimming pool doing the bare minimum to get your home sold. They might be sabotaging your home sale right beneath your nose. It’s usually not intentional, but these are the signs to see if they are holding up the sale of your house.

Your agent is taking a low commission (or doesn’t offer a competitive commission to buyers agent)

A low commission sounds good to any seller, but on the other hand it isn’t enticing at all for the buyer’s agent. The standard 6% in most markets is usually split 50/50 between agents. If they are receiving a 5% commission, the 2.5% isn’t that enticing to buyer’s agents, meaning they will be reluctant to show your house.

Your agent is MIA

This may not happen until you’ve signed the 90-day exclusivity contract with your agent, but if they go missing in action, and don’t respond to any mode of communication you send, that is a huge red flag. Their paycheck comes with the transaction of your house, so they should be free to talk to you at any time of the day. If they aren’t returning your calls or emails promptly, they probably don’t want to be working with you in the first place. You want an agent who will return your calls ASAP, and who will be calling you all the time.

Your agent is a people pleaser

They’re a people pleaser by telling you’re your home is worth way more than it actually is. Some agents tend to lie about the real condition of the market, and a home’s value just to get the listing. Everyone wants a realistic price, but if the agent over prices your home, it may end up costing you in the long-run. If this is the case, it could prove to be difficult for the agent to undo their lie. If they do, and drop the price to the more realistic number, buyers may begin to think you are desperate, and lowball you even further.

If the agent lists your home at a price above the m market value, they probably do not have your best interest in mind. All agents receive the same data; your house isn’t the special one. Get a new agent if you are questioning why your house is listed above market value.  

Your agent has had very few showings

The market today has been making a strong comeback since the days of the recession, and if your home isn’t being shown constantly, you have a problem. They might not be trying to sell it that hard. A respected real estate agent has a list of interested buyers even before the home goes to market. The agent’s reputation alone should be enough to entice the people to want to see it, so if they aren’t getting many showings, it’s safe to assume you are not getting their best effort.

They have no marketing plan

Because the real estate industry is a business just like any other business, you are the client who needs to be won over by the agent. They need to have a marketing plan from the get-go as to how they plan on selling your house. If they are against open houses, they are a waste of time. They will do some marketing through the internet, but if they have no marketing plan at all, they have no plan to sell your house. They better have a marketing plan if they choose to skip certain marketing strategies like open houses.

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