Junk In the Clutter Drawer

We all have that one drawer that is full of junk. Sometimes people purposefully have a junk drawer or other times it happens by accident; but no matter how the clutter accumulated, it’ still a stress spot in your house that needs to go. Set a day aside to pull out the drawers and remove all paper clips, old receipts, pens, etc.

The best way to start is to just straight up dump it on the ground and only put back the items you need. It can be tough picking out what you need and what you don’t. It’s quite easy for someone to rationalize keeping a chip clip they’ve had (but not used) for the past two years.

Here are ten things you need to remove from your junk drawer immediately. Removing these items will make sure it because an efficient space for storage instead of junk.

Stale pens

Lids are missing, some are low on ink, and others you feel you’ve had for a decade. Grab a scratch pad and test them all; throw out the ones that don’t work. Next time you go to grab a pen you won’t be worried if it works or not. Such a relief!

Old coupons

Everyone likes to save money and coupons are the simplest way. Despite having the intentions you could just never remember to bring them to the store with you; so there they stayed in your drawer. Grab all the old ones and toss them. Some stores like Bed Bath & Beyond accept expired coupons, so save all those if you have any.

In today’s world most stores have digital coupons you can download on your smart phone. For instance, Kroger has an app where you can download it, and scroll for hours selecting which coupons you want loaded to your customer card, and when you go to check out the coupons are automatically applied.


Are the batteries still good? One simple way to find out is to drop on a hard surface negative end down. If they bounce they are duds, and if it thuds they are still good.  


I’ve cleaned out my drawer and found three Swiss army knives. People only need one of most things, so do yourself a favor and get rid of any duplicate items. All those are doing is taking up space. You probably couldn’t find what you were looking for and bought another one and it ended up in the drawer; perhaps a couple of times.

Chargers, cables, and chords

New cell phone models are created almost yearly and with them come new chargers, cables, and chords, making the old ones obsolete. Yet, for whatever reason we still hold on to them “just in case” and they pile up. Look at the end cables and see if they fit your current phone or electrical appliance. If none of them fit, or you can’t remember what it is used to, pitch it.

Spare change

Gather all the loose change and put it in a jar. Once the jar or container of your choice gets full, take it to a coin machine and cash in. You’ll be surprised how much you end up with. These are best used for rainy day money, and or vacation cash.

Random keys

It’s amazing how random keys just tend to show up in drawers and linger for what seems to be forever. Everyone has them. If you don’t have the object it unlocks written on the key, chances are you’ll forget. If you don’t know what it opens throw it away.

Rubber bands, paper clips, and chip clips

All these items have uses that actually home in handy, but it’s difficult to use them when you can find them in the mess. Separate, and put them in a container where they should be, in either your office or the kitchen. This way they are easily found.


Years ago you promised to make a corkboard from all the wine you’ve bought, and you never got around to it. That dream probably died a while ago, so if you’ve got a bunch saved up, it’s time to build it already, throw it away, or recycle it.


Buttons tend to fall off whenever they feel, and we always say we will sew them back on…later. They eventually become littered throughout out our drawers and we forget they’re even there. Round them up and place them with your sewing kit for the next time you decide to bust it out.  If sewing isn’t in your bag of tricks then you could donate them to a local school or do some crafts if that’s more of your style.


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