Keep Your Energy Bill Low While Selling Your Home

keeping energy costs down in the buying and selling process of a home is desirable for both buyers and sellers. Even though there are many energy-efficient options today, there's plenty of energy-suckers.

It might surprise you how much extra that nice water fountain in the back yard is costing you per month when you run it 24/7 year round. Depending on the wattage needed and where you live, that nice fountain could be costing you an extra $30 per month.

It's not a good feeling when your house is sitting on the market and you're still getting bills. It feels like you're throwing money down the drain. So when the home isn't being used, turn off your water appliances. When you turn off your gas and electric appliances, it isn't enough. These appliances still suck energy even when they're off.

Here's a tip, when you are selling your home, show it off like a model home and leave no electrical chords laying out. By unplugging the toaster, phone charger, blender, hair dryer, etc. you will save money on your electric bills and de-clutter your home. Individually these appliances only use up a little bit of energy, but collectively they make a nice dent in the utility bills.

It's nice to walk into a home and be able to see the floors and counters. This isn't just good for sellers, it's meant to help all of us. By putting away all the chords we normally see, we conserve a bit more and stop the energy bleed.

It's a good diea to get your heating system checked. A buyer's home inspection will reveal issues, and you can start saving on the utilities. When a potential buyer comes around and asks whats the average electric bill for this place, youll be in good place.

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