Kitchens Sell A House

Kitchens are the hearts of homes, and this holds true across the country. There's a lot of truth in the saying 'the stomach is the way to the heart', because the kitchen is where most time is spent as a family. It's the room everyone wakes up in in the morning, where everyone discusses their days over a snack, and where family meals are made.

Kitchens are the focal piece of many family rooms, and are integral to entertaining in today's age of open floor plans. This is what makes a kitchen such an important room in the buying and selling process.

Buyers want up-to-date kitchens because it's the one room owners see daily and their guests see when they visit. It's considered to be the showcase of the home. 

The downside of kitchens is that they are one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. They require the most labor and time effort when renovating. You cannot simply just hand a new lamp and call it complicated. Kitchens require new tile, counters, flooring, cabinets, and sometimes light fixtures. Because of today's economy most buyers don't want to spend the money on renovating a kitchen and want one that is ready to use the day they move in. 

When buyers are looking for up-to-date kitchens a lot of it depends on the price range your home is in.

The main thing to remember when selling your house is to not over price yourself out of the market. If homes have sold in your neighborhood for $100,000 with an average kitchen, then you shouldn't renovate your kitchen to the top of the line counters. It will be more than difficult to find a buyer.

It's best to scout the competition by going to open houses in your area and look at what their kitchens look like. Do these homes have new solid wood cabinets? Do they have new granite counters in today's 'hip' color? If the answer is yes, then you may want to update your kitchen to put yourself back in the market.

If you are in a higher end neighborhood you should be thinking high end. Your aged home may be a good one, but a buyer will come in and see all the old kitchen appliances and become overwhelmed with the potential cost of replacing everything. If you don't have time to make the adjustments yourself, you will have to make concessions about the price.

Don't get overwhelmed though, maybe all you need is a few minor changes. Maybe change the paint color to a warm, nuetral tone. Update your appliances, get rid of the clutter, paint your cabinets, change the pulls, or get a new counter top for a bargain, and it's just about done. If you do it yourself you will be saving yourself possibly a few thousand dollars.

Just remember to do some research to find out what you need to do to update your kitchen to be a contender in the market. Just remember, kitchens sell houses.

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