Letting Go During a Move

     Whenever you are moving from one house to another, you have to let go of something. Let go of them house itself, let go of the neighborhood, the neighbors, etc. We hold onto a  lot of baggage during our lifetime. Some of it is emotional baggage, while most of it is physical. We become attached to things both valuable and worthless.Moving is the time to let go of some of your belongings.

     This nation is made up of pack rats. My step-mom being one of the worst, put all of her boxes of priceless magazines in my room until I moved out. She, like the rest of the country likes to hold on to any gift, souvenir, anything they receive, even items that don't have any value or use anymore.

     Holding on to belongings keeps you living in your past, and can stiffen your new home. Living in the past can make moving forward a very difficult task when it doesn't need to be. You should fully embrace the new life, instead of pining away at the old. This becomes increasingly hard for those letting go of things that once belonged to loved ones who have passed on. 

     Moving is a time when we go through everything we have and decide if it is worth bringing to the new house. If you decide it isn't worthy of being packed up, sell it or donate it. If you're worried that getting rid of these items will cause you to lose your memories, you're wrong. Items do not hold memories, your head and your heart do, and they will be with you always.

     First decide if the object was a gift or a heirloom. If it was a gift, does this item clutter your home or create value? If it was a heirloom, does it still hold a place in your heart and take up a good space in your house? If not, then it is time to give this item to a family member or sell it to someone who will actually appreciate it.

     Moving can be an emotional time, and there's a reason it is ranked in the top ten of most stressful times. Apart from timing the movers, painters, renovations, and the financial responsibility of home ownership, moving means letting go of a house where so many memories were created.

     Letting go of emotional baggage is a difficult thing to do. Familiarity allows us to be comfortable and safe. So stepping outside of the comfort zone takes courage and resolve.

     Make the commitment to yourself that today is a new one, and the only time worth thinking about is now. Don't allow yourself to be bogged down by the past, or what could have been.

     In order to allow yourself to embrace your new home, everyday think of something positive that has happened in the new home. If it's a good family moment, or a productive day getting moved in, or just a nice blue sky. Moving is an exciting time in life, so free yourself from your baggage and let it go to enjoy the new life you create.

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