Listing Photos, How Crucial They Really Are

When selling your home the first metaphorical cast of the fishing line is your pictures. Having he right pictures can attract the right buyers which could earn you extra bucks. All potential buyers look at the listing pictures online first and foremost. They then decide if the house is worst a visit or not. 

It’s important to take quality listing photos, because of they don’t grab the attention of buyers, they will never step inside. The photographer will do most of the work, but it is up to you to prepare your home for the photo shoot. Your agent will have a detailed list of what to do with all the stuff laying around the house. 

Never list online without photos

A lot of buyers get alerts through text or email whenever a new house gets to market; and nothing is more frustrating than to see a house with a great address and not a single picture. 

Agents will never put the listing up without any photos, and they’ll scold the seller for listing it without pictures. If it’s listed without photos, they may come back to look again another day, or not at all. 

Clean, organize, and declutter

The first thing your agent will tell you to do is to clean and organize your home. This is putting away all the personal items like photographs, putting away pet bowls, fluffing the pillows, and making sure the house is now completely neutral. Also, it won’t hurt to clean the hell out of it so it really shines. 

The beauty of an online listing is house shoppers can zoom-in on photos. If the photos posted don’t give the buyer a good idea of what your home is like, they’ll believe you don’t care and aren’t serious about selling your home. 

Crappy photos won’t do

Photos that are blurry, crooked, cropped, just aren’t going to sell your home. It’s always worth it to hire a professional photographer to take high-resolution photos, over taking photos with your iPhone. The good ones will even bring extra equipment to boost their work.  

Keep in mind professional photographers will take hundreds of pictures and find the best ones that show your home in the best light. 

Don’t be shy on uploading a bunch of photos

The more photos the better. Having plenty of photos allows potential buyers to see your home from every angle. These photos will be their first impression, and an understanding of the layout of the house. 

After they’ve come to see the house in person, going back to look at the photos will help them dig deeper to see if they want it. 

Just do yourself a favor and get quality photos of the home. Also, if you have land consider looking into aerial photos as well. Aerial photos do an excellent job of showcasing the entire property of a home. 

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