Looking Back at 2014

It’s always a good idea to know where you stand in the beginning of a new year. Looking back at last year and trying to predict what is to come for this year in real estate, is what it’s all about. So let’s take a look back at last year, and go a little bit more into 2014.

All of Louisville’s MLS includes the counties of Jefferson, Shelby, and even Oldham. 2014 was the third straight year in which the number of units sold rose from the previous 12 months.

2011 was a relatively low year, only selling 11,720 units, however, each year beyond that sold significantly more units. 2012 sold 13,572, 2013 sold 15,745, and 2014 sold 16,082. Every year increased by decent margins. All of these numbers come directly from the MLS, which include single family homes, along with multi-family properties, rentals and vacant land or lots.

Since 2009, the MLS has sold 26% more homes in 2014. This isn’t a horrible number considering some of the other markets around the country that are decreasing in units sold.

So all in all, real estate continues to be on the up and up. Keep watching your local market and watch what happens. Hopefully these numbers continue to rise!

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