Louisville Green Homes- Finding, Changing, or Building

     Green homes are one of the fastest growing trends in Louisville, and that is a fact. We may not have the high volume of green homes like other cities, but there is a giant push for growing green homes in Louisville.

     Green is the future, and it isn't going away any time soon. People have become so environmentally friendly, they think it should be commonplace in every thing you do. The push for green grows stronger every year, and builders in Louisville are now touting their home's energy efficient features over what was the pasts fad.

     As a real estate investor you will see that the greener homes are farther away from the heart of the city. This now concerns location vs. green. It is harder to find green homes in inner cities, or has location already won this battle?

     "Location" is still the primary element when buying a home, but it has turned into "condition". The vast majority of home buyers still want a home based on location, but greening the home up a bit has been a major factor consumers will still do.

     More and more real estate agents are presenting green features in their real estate listing. whether this is a high-efficiency heat pump, super insulated doors/windows, or solar panels. This makes it much easier when you are looking for specific aspects of a house when searching for a home. It is now a seek and find process when looking for the greener homes in the area of town you want.

     You can find a green house in Louisville by simply going on a hunt for one, or making your current home a green one. Keep in mind that some home improvements are more expensive than others. If you fall in love with a home be sure to look at its green potential before writing it off completely. Lastl,y talk to you real estate agent about finding a green home. They will know where to look, and the ins and outs of what that type of home entails.

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