Louisville Market Conditions

The average price per square foot for a Louisville home is $130, which is actually up 30% from a year ago for the same period. The median sales price for homes in Louisville was $202,644 (based on 62 home sales). Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales prices have increased 47%, however the number of home sales has decreased 96.6%. Currently there are 3,671 resale and new homes on the market in Louisville. The homes in re-sale, foreclosure, and auction are at 2, 864. The average listing prices for Louisville homes for sale are $212,983. This number tells us that there has been a decrease of .3%, or $632 compared to the prior week. The popular neighborhoods in Louisville include Old Louisville, Cherokee Triangle, with the average listing price of $217,777, and $449,094.

Just a little market news.

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