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Are McMansion's Loosing Their Appeal to the Masses?



Monday, February 14, 2011


Are McMansion's loosing there appeal to the masses?

Is the small cozy cottage with the white picket fence making a comeback?

It looks like home buyers are able to live in a smaller space and fix it up with all the bells and whistles. Many homeowners are paying attention to what buyers want and what the design shows are telling viewers; light, tranquil colors look best in smaller spaces. Homeowners are learning to work within their space to give it a modern appeal with a comfortable feel.

Questions to Ask your Listing Agent Beforehand

1. Will my property be advertised on websites. Which ones?

2. Will there be a visual tour of the property? Online?

3. Do you put properties on classified websites like Craigslist etc?

4.  Does your agency provide a VoicePad or similar service for drive by lead capture information?

5. How is the property marketed to other buyer agents? How do you get feedback?

6. How will I be communicated with regarding showings, feedback and marketing?

7. What is the phone number buyers or agents call. Who answers?

8. Will the property have a website of it's own?

9. If the buyer leaves a voice mail or e mail for more info who responds and how quickly?

10. What other marketing activities will there be?

11. Does your company have a website? Will my property be feature listed?

These are extremely important questions for today's difficult housing market. If the prospective agent hesitates on these questions you may want to interview further. A good agent may not do all of these but he should do 90%.