Moving Efficiently

Preparing for any move, whether big or small requires precise planning for everything to go smoothly. It’s important to evaluate everything you plan to take with you, inside and outside. The key is figuring out before you move, how you will transport everything you want to take, and where you will put it. Here are a few steps to help you with this move.

Take Inventory

Walking around your house and making a list of all your belongings seems tedious, but it’s necessary for a swift and easy move. This way you get to see how much stuff you actually have, and what can be thrown out.

Go online and google search a “home inventory checklist” and print it out. You can also create your own, but check some out online to see how others are done. There are even apps designed for this.

Sort the list by rooms, and don’t skip a single one, not even the hallways. For big and important items, take photos and describe them. Whatever you do, don’t forget your household documents like deeds, and birth certificates, etc.

Once you’re all packed up, keep the list close by. Having this close will allow you to unpack room by room in an effective and timely manner.

Boxing it up

Once you know everything that needs to go, the next step is figuring out how many boxes you will need. There is such thing as online packing calculators, which help determine how many boxes will be required. These calculators factor in how many rooms you have, how many people are living in the home and even if you think of yourself as a packrat or not.

Try out the calculators and see how many boxes, and what size you’ll need. If this part is causing you major headaches, you can also hire a professional mover to take the load of responsibility.

For example, a small studio would require around 20 boxes, and an average size home with 3 rooms could require 60.

Rent a truck

The general rule to figure out square footage needed in a moving truck is to multiply the number of rooms in your home by 150.

Cargo cans work well with some homes, but a 12-ft. truck is usually required for apartments and small homes. The 22 ft. truck is very common for homes with at least three rooms.

If you are packing the truck yourself, you may want to spend a few extra dollars to get a bigger truck just in case. You’ll kick yourself if don’t consider the outside furniture and belongings when deciding what size of truck.

Planning your move in advance is the right thing to do to save you time and money. There will also be a noticed reduction of stress in the situation as well.

Do these steps and moving will be a breeze. 

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