Moving with Pets

Pet owners often face a stressful delimma when moving. They consider them as beloved family members, and want to make the moving process as easy as they can for their furry friends. Our pets are routined animals, unlike humans. Our pets look to us for providing them with nourishment, safety, and affection. It is our responsibility to make sure our pets have a low stress level during the moving process.

It's very important to plan ahead when you're loading the moving vans and your house doors are likely to be open. Now wouldn't be a great time to be chasing your dog down the street, or panicking over a lost cat. Ask a friend to be a pet sitter while you're packing up the house. It also eliminates the chance of you tripping over them when going in and out of the house numerous times possibly injuring yourself or them. Also consider a kennel, but if heither of these choices is an option, keep them in  fenced in or in the backyard.

Because your animals are routine animals, it's a good idea to keep their eating and potty habits at their regular times. Your afternoon walks can act as your stress reliever also. Keep your pets food constant by stocking up on the brand they like before leaving town; you don't want a hunger strike! 

Go to the vet and make sure your pet is up-to-date on all their vaccinations. Also consider microchipping your pet incase they wander off during the move; if you don't want the microchip then you should update the tags on their collar.

often times moving involves driving across states or even the entire country. Ask your vet what they recommend for distance traveling. You'll want to pack a some pet ammenities for the tiring drive. These include food, water bowl, treats, blankets, leashes, travel litters, etc.

Once you're at your new home be quick in setting up their 'go to' areas. It might be wise to contain them in a bedroom or bathroom while you unload your belongings. But don't forget to show them attention to reassure your love for them and check on them often.

moving is a stressful time for pets so be sure to take the compassionate steps to make it less stressful for them. Help them transition into the new home with ease.

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