Mums the Word

     Fall is obviously the end of summer, but this season still holds opportunities to amp up your home's curb appeal. Curb appeal is important for several reasons. We judge the condition and value of a home on first impressions. This is why staging and cleaning a home before buyers see it is very important. Curb appeal is a giant factor in creating excitement for a home and luring in new buyers.

     If a buyer drives by a home that has an ugly lawn, chipped painting, weeds everywhere, they will probably assume the inside is just as disastrous. They will be looking for a good first impression, and Fall will give you the opportunity give them that first impression.

     It's time to add color in the fall season to reinvigorate life into your property. Fall colors like orange, dark reds, browns, and yellows are the perfect colors to give your home a good feel. Mums are a good and inexpensive way to add brilliant color. Be sure to buy mums that have a lot of unopened blooms. If they already look awesome it means they are nearly done with their blooming cycle. Mums can be planted directly into the ground, in a pot, and they even look great around your mailbox.

     Another great fall plant is the pansy. These flowers last quite awhile into the winter and look awesome for beds. Seasonal decorations get people into the holiday spirit, just remember that too much is considered less tasteful. Less is more.

     Pumpkins are always a great idea. Try different sizes, shapes, and colors. Wreaths can also infuse color and fun into the season. They always look terrific on your door, so hang it there and see how you like it. They can be removed at the end of the season without any damage to your door.

      As the final step be sure to tend to your yard. this means keep the grass mowed, leaves raked, bushes trimmed, etc. Revitalize your home this fall and let buyers see how fantastic your home actually is.

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