Needing A Buyer's Agent When Buying New Construction Homes

Buying a construction home seems easy enough right? One would think it only consists of picking out the floor plan, the lot to build on, and watching it erect. No sellers, repairs, and no drawn-out negotiations right?

It’s not quite that easy, it’s imperative to have a professional when dealing with any real estate transaction no matter how simple the process seems.

A professional agent gives us a sense of security and peace of mind when they are watching over your transaction. There are plenty of reasons to have an agent when buying a new construction home.

Helps you find a reputable builder

An experienced agent is well versed in the market and knows which builders are the good ones. If you are clueless about the market this is where your agent is a huge help. They will know who provides a good product, excellent warranties, and a quick repair time when something goes wrong, and an overall quality house. Knowing you will have a quality house is one less stress in your life.

Go to bat for you

Buying a construction home typically takes a bit longer than buying an existing home. It takes time to pick a lot, choose your floor plan, have inspections, and finally close. There are a few mishaps that can and do arise. Common issues can be construction delays, permit issues, and perhaps financing concerns. A quality agent will make these headaches disappear.

Help review your contract

Buying existing homes is not the same process as buying a construction home. Your agent will guide you through the process while helping you understand what is going on. With everything like money requirements, floor plans, requesting changes, and timelines to keep in mind, it can be overwhelming. Your agent is the party who represents your best interest and makes sure to make addendums in the contract so nothing too bad can happen to you.

Assisting in negotiations

The agent will help you get the most bang for your buck. They know where you have the most wiggle room when in negotiations. Builders are trying to keep their prices high so their next customer sees the higher closing prices. They would rather throw in closing costs or additional large upgrade credits.

To guide you to the better upgrades

Builders offer multiple types of finishes and it can be overwhelming. Agents know which upgrades are worth it and can get you’re the most resale value.  They’ll suggest which upgrades you can do on your own and would be cheaper, and stop you from over-improving.

Bring your own agent the first time you walk through the sale’s centers doors. A salesperson will meet you at the front door and probably be a little pushy, that’s because they work for the builder. Having your own quality agent will save some big headaches and save you your time, effort, and money.

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