Newly Weds Big Decision: Big Wedding or House?

Today's newly wed couples are faced with a big decision. Do they have a super awesome, and expensive wedding? Or do they get a house?
Whether you choose to have an elaborate celebration, or an intimate soiree, planning your wedding requires making a lot of adult decisions. These can often be quite expensive decisions too.
It all depends on the couple; some want an over-the-top day to remember forever, while some just want to live in a nice little start house for the first couple years.
Think of it like this. Two newly wed couples are gifted with $70,000. Couple A chooses to have a $60,000 wedding and can only put $10,000 towards their down payment.Yes, their wedding was awesome, but it was only one day of the rest of their lives they will never get back.
Couple B has elected to have a $6,000 wedding, leaving them with $64,000 to put towards a house. Not only are they that much closer to owning their house, but they still had a great time at their wedding,.
Often times Bridezillas want all the bells and whistles for their weddings, but they aren't thinking about the long-run, they're only thinking about the present.
Unless you come from, or are marrying into a ton of money, the choice is clear to me, but I digress.
Do what makes you happy, but be sure you have the means to do it. And most of all, be smart with whatever you do.
Good luck!

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