No More Low Balling

Low Balling is the offer that is below 25% of the asking price. It usually hurts to get low balled, but it it happens all the time; and it is the most common complaint on realtors. In today's high-demand and high-cost markets the sellers are firmly in control. It is true that multiple offers on a property are the rule, and not the exception.

Part of this problem could be associated with the fact that more homes are coming into the market at priced at fair market value. There is a learning curve taht sellers have had to comprehend, but since the six years since the collapse of the housing market, reality pricing is more the rule than the exception.

This quote by Jayne Esposito, a San Francisco realtor, sums up her recent and most realtors recent experiences, "Sure, I've had a few buyers try to lowball and they wouldn't listen, but that didn't work out well for them."

Lowballing has been a popular practice by buyers in the past, but in today's 2012 environment lowballing can be counterproductive if you truly want to buy.

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