Questions to Ask your Listing Agent Beforehand

1. Will my property be advertised on websites. Which ones?

2. Will there be a visual tour of the property? Online?

3. Do you put properties on classified websites like Craigslist etc?

4.  Does your agency provide a VoicePad or similar service for drive by lead capture information?

5. How is the property marketed to other buyer agents? How do you get feedback?

6. How will I be communicated with regarding showings, feedback and marketing?

7. What is the phone number buyers or agents call. Who answers?

8. Will the property have a website of it's own?

9. If the buyer leaves a voice mail or e mail for more info who responds and how quickly?

10. What other marketing activities will there be?

11. Does your company have a website? Will my property be feature listed?

These are extremely important questions for today's difficult housing market. If the prospective agent hesitates on these questions you may want to interview further. A good agent may not do all of these but he should do 90%.



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