Quick Remodels to Boost The Resale of Your Home

It’s the beginning of September, and that means fall is finally here. Now is the time to finish that home project you’ve been meaning to do all summer, or wait until next year. I’m going to share a few remodeling lessons with you, and hopefully you can get it done before winter hits.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to boost the value or your home is to remodel your bathroom. Your fashion style isn’t what is going to boost the value. If you take a cruddy bathroom, and transform it into a functional space, prospective buyers will find it more attractive. Surprisingly home shoppers look for the number of bathrooms in a home, so if you add one more, it will only help your chances.

The median bathroom remodel is roughly $12,000, with $.87 cents of every dollar recovered.  If you spend a decent amount of $3,000 you can definitely get a decent return out of that.

Before you spend a ton of money on new counter tops, ask yourself why you are renovating. If you plan on putting it on the market, hold off on the counter tops. Your money would be better spent for you to enjoy them versus trying to make a few extra bucks in the sale. Surprisingly, kitchen remodels will get you the least return out of any remodel. Kitchens recover only half of the money spent.

One of the best remodels you can do is to remodel your basement. Generally they cost about $10,000. If you do it right, and the basement has become the ultimate man cave that room will likely get you five times what you’ve invested in it. 

If you have the money to spend, the best remodel you can do for a resale, is to add another floor.  Extra floors can give you 100%+ on your investment.

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