Real Life Lessons When Buying a Home

Buying a home can be one of the biggest events in your life, so make sure it's one of the best choices you make. They can be pleasant experiences, or they can be complete disasters, or maybe somewhere in the middle. The best way to make sure you don't end up in the disaster category is by avoiding the most common life lessons among first-time home buyers.

Clever staging? Or Excellent hiding?

When homes are listed on the market they are staged as best as possible and are expecting multiple showings where potential buyers walk through and inspect the house. Buyers often see the home once or twice and commit to buying it. Once they've bought it and the stage is taken down they can see what they've really purchased. It's even recommended you walk along with the inspector and check everything they are looking at. Ask for receipts of new improvements or repairs.

In the disaster case the staged home shows flawlessly, and you end up buying a POS.

The lesson to learn here is to visit the home multiple times before you commit to buying it. Inspect the home each time and look for flaws you may have missed the previous visit. This will lessen the likelihood of buyer's remorse.

The home is great but...

Sometimes buyers will buy a home just for the home itself. It's important to choose the right home that is surrounded by the perfect neighbors, and community. If you don't fit in with your neighbors due to age differences, and the surrounding communities don't interest you, you'll wish you would have chosen a different place to call home.

The lesson here is to look for all the amenities that you can, and will enjoy once you buy a certain house. Once you can see yourself living with in the community, you know that is the right house for you.

Power lines where...

There are stories of people being days away from closing, only in the final minutes to be told they can't buy that house because it sits in a "fall radius" of an electrical power line. This has even happened when families have spent money on inspections, repairs, etc. 

The lesson is that tragedies do you happen to kill a deal. A preventative measure to avoid this tragedy is to request land surveys. Service can check for property lines, and reestablish a property line if a neighbor built a fence. 

You need a permit

If you are buying a house with the intentions to renovate and/or remodel, just be sure to follow the correct process. Failing to obtain the proper permits for remodeling can almost guarantee turning this project into a nightmare. It will end up costing you down the road. 

The advice here is to get yourself a good agent, and seek out the proper licenses and permits. Study and understand the process, then implement it wit the guidance of your realtor. When do you big things by the books, it's difficult to get them wrong and create yourself a problem. 

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